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• Compatible with any mobile device.

• Highly resistant material that can withstand tensions up to 50kg.

• The cable can be folded up to 10,000 times.

• Supports high-speed charging and data transfer.

• Cable length 1.2m convenient for use.

• Safety, fire & explosion proof: CE, EAC, REACH, RoHS.

Energizer Lightning is protected by a multilayered sheath, in addition to an inner core cable sheath, and an extra layer of PET outer heating that is designed in a cross-sheath to form a durable and sturdy sheath. Highly resistant material that can withstand tensions up to 50kg..

The cable is uniquely designed to bend or fold up to 10,000 times in any position without breaking the cable inside.

Not only durable, Energizer Lightning cable also has a good warranty policy on the market that few accessories are the same time warranty "CHANGE", bringing absolute peace of mind for the user.

MFI is considered a quality guarantee for manufacturers of accessories for compatibility, quality, and safety that Apple offers. MFI certification will protect consumers from the poor accessory, quality and can be dangerous during use.

Safety issues are always on top of Energizer, in addition to other accessories such as battery backup, wall charger, car charger ... the cable also achieved high safety and explosion-proof according to European standards (CE FCC, RoHS ..) to ensure the safety of the device during charging as well as the safety of users.

One year warranty


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