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1.USB3.0 port 5V/0.9A 5GBPS transmission speed downward compatibility USB2.0 Plug and Play. 

2.SD card slot USB3.0 transmit Plug and play, drive more. 

3.TF card USB3.0 transmit Plug and play, drive more 

4.Type C port PD2.0 protocol 

5.Electric power: 60W 

6.Power output: 5V 20V/3A 

7.Support HDMI 2K 1080P/4K 3840*2160@30Hz 

Energizer is one of the leading brands in the US, founded in 1898 and so far Energizer has occupied the top spot with flashlight products and high quality battery industry. Energizer USB-C Hub Multiport 7-in-1 HC3MPGY4 is a consumer choice not just by prestige, but by outstanding quality.

Design of the USB-C Hubgenerator 7-in-1 HC3MPGY4 compact power cable, accompanying you wherever you go.

Energizer USB-C Hub Multiport 7-in-1 HC3MPGY4 is made of high quality aluminum alloy, in addition to aluminum, it has good elasticity and is difficult to color or peel.

 Its compact design makes it easy to carry with you while you work, without taking up too much space in your pocket. Overall, the product is slightly more productive of Apple, so the Energizer USB-C looks elegant and beautiful.

Energizer USB-C Hub Multiport 7-in-1 Multiport HC3MPGY4 with multiple connection ports

The Energizer USB-C Hub features the most popular ports today with seven ports that allow you to connect peripherals to your MacBook / Laptop comfortably and conveniently. The first is up to three USB 3.0 ports to increase the ability to connect devices. Supports connection between devices such as mouse, keyboard, USB, external hard drive ... with Macbook / Laptop.

Energizer USB-C Hub Multiport 7-in-1 HC3MPGY4 is also compatible with SDHC and MicroSDHC cards. With these two connectors, it is possible to read and write data between two cards at the same time as the USB-C connection standard that allows data to be copied almost immediately. It also extends the data storage space for users.

 Most of the lightweight laptops today are equipped with USB Type C ports because the convenience of this port can reverse the connection without distinction as the previous USB port. Energizer USB-C Hub Multiport 7-in-1 HC3MPGY4 has built-in USB Type C port for charging up to 20V (100W).

USB-C Hub Multiport 7-in-1 Hub HC3MPGY4 is a MacBook accessory that lets you output audio and video from Apple computers or other laptops to HDMI devices such as TVs or sound systems. bar with resolution up to 4K / 30Hz.

Ensure safety when using Energizer USB-C Hub Multiport cable 7 in 1 HC3MPGY4

With the global and long-standing Energizer brand, the quality and safety of our users are top priority. Energizer's packaging is certified for CE, FCC, CB, EAC, RoHS.

With today's demand for multimedia, further expansion of connectivity standards is essential for the majority of users. Energizer USB-C Hub Multiport 7-in-1 Hub HC3MPGY4 and CellphoneShop provide you with more convenient and convenient storage and working space.

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